#8. My CPD Reflection


Reflect in detail what I have studied and how I did it, how the process made me feel and how the things i have learnt made me change my behavior.

Prior to attending CPD2 lessons, my experience with taking Interpersonal Communication classes revolved around Ngee Ann polytechnic's Business Communication modules and other psychology related electives I had volunteer for. Those were distinctly different from CPD2 because those did not refer to as many theoretical frameworks as this class did. I thoroughly enjoyed the hands on experience of reading relevant articles and re-presenting those to fellow school mates. Other activities which I really found very applicable was the e-mail for service recovery. This is something which i would definitely see myself drafting in the future at work. Seeing how my other class mates phrase their service recoveries made me reflect on my approach to think of better and more personable methods to successfully convey my thoughts and ideas. Critiquing my classmates' entries also taught me to be more objective in the way I read other classmate's work. 

Additionally, I also enjoyed learning about Johari's window and reflecting on my own windows. Its something in which I can also recommend friends to turn towards whenever they have doubts about the different dimensions and layers of how others see them. The five conflict management styles also stood out to me as an applicable theory in everyday life, depending on how assertive and cooperative I had wanted to be. Lastly, the Gibbs model was also used as one of the main theoretical resource in my research preparation for the Training Video project with my group mates.

Overall, this module opened eyes to interpersonal communication beyond just understanding the way it works, but also theoretical frameworks in which I could refer to.

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  1. Dear Edna,

    Thank you for this detailed reflection on the CPDII module. I’m glad you found so many aspects of the module to be useful and that overall the tasks and activities proved to be a good learning experience for you.

    I have appreciated your many contributions during the term, Edna. It was always good to meet you in class since you brought such a bright smile and positive, constructive energy. In addition, I especially enjoyed having you as part of the team that made the presentation showcase a huge success. Your emceeing was truly stellar. Of course, it was also gratifying that you and your team volunteered to present at the showcase. Your presence in that event, as in our class over the weeks, was vibrant and most effective. Having students like you makes the mentoring/teaching process a true joy.

    All the best as you continue your learning journey!



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